santo antao in the mountains
Santo Antão Tours


Daily Plan


Includes suggested:


  • Hotels, based on price and location preference
  • Restaurants
  • Hikes
  • Transportation
  • Private tour guide referrals


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Trekking in Santo Antão


Self-Guided Hikes


Recommended hikes based on your time, difficulty, and scenic preferences.


Santo Antão has a diverse landscape with trekking options including along the coast and within the mountains.


Contact us with number of days and people for pricing

paul valley
paul valley
Long-term in Santo Antão


Extended Stay & Relocation Support


Combined, the Moon team has lived on the island of Santo Antão for well over a decade. Having relocated from both Europe and the USA, we can help ease the difficulty of your long-term or permanent transition.


If you are interested in buying land or building a property, we also offer consulting services, based on extensive experience, to assist you with that process.


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Moon Tours are customized to optimize your time in Santo Antão