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Moon Bungalows – Paúl


After leaving Italy in 2021, during the global pandemic, Moon founder Paolo was renewed by the peace of Paúl, the kindness of the people of Santo Antão, and the simpler way of life.


Calmed by the sound of the melodic waves and long hikes through the towering mountains and lush green valley of Paúl, the vision for Moon was born from the inspiration to create a retreat for others seeking serenity.



Our Location in Paúl


Paúl is a major city in the middle of the island of Santo Antão. This means there is stable electricity, abundant water supply, and strong WiFi connection, which may not be available in more remote parts of the island.


Moon is located on the oceanfront of Paúl, just off of the main road, at the start of green and lush Paúl Valley. This location is an easy two minute walk to inexpensive public transportation, restaurants, shops, and the start of hiking trails into the mountains and valley of Paúl.


Santo Antão is a safe and family friendly island. The people of Paúl are friendly and accustomed to visitors from around the world.

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The Bungalows 


The Moon bungalows were designed to maximize privacy, comfort, and ocean views. Each bungalow is staggered and elevated to ensure that each terrace has a direct and unobstructed view to the ocean.


The interior of each bungalow contains a separate bedroom and bathroom area. Accessible from the bedroom, the terrace features a table and two chairs for relaxing, eating, or working remotely with a strong WiFi connection. 


Each bungalow has easy access to the Moon Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.



Exclusive to Moon Bungalows 


Yoga, Meditation, Qigong Breathwork

Moon was created to help you rest your body, relax your mind, and recharge your spirit. Personalized and guided yoga, meditation, and Qigong breathwork experiences are available for each day of your visit.


Additionally, exclusive Mindfulness Meditation Coach Retreats, guided meditations, and pool-side chats with American Zen Author, Coach, and resident of Santo Antão, Selena Sage are available only at Moon Bungalows.



Hike with Paolo

Experience the healing power of nature with private hiking tours with Moon founder Paolo.


Interact with locals or walk in silence during these treks through the mountains, personalized for your desired level of activity. 




Enjoy a private, professional massage at Moon.


The Moon Team will manage the scheduling so that you can focus on relaxation.

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green Paul valley traditional houses


Around Santo Antão



Santo Antão is a paradise for hikers from around the world. There are established trails around the island for every level of hiking, from beginner to advanced.


Learn more about Moon Tours to get personalized, private hikes curated for your desired level of difficulty and time.



Private Island Tours

Santo Antão is a large island with many different types of terrain. In one day, you can experience breath-taking views from the top of a mountain, visit a long dormant volcano crater, and swim in a natural pool in the ocean.


If you would like to see the island by car, the Moon Team can organize a half-day or full-day private tour with a guide. Stops for photos, activities, and authentic cuisine will be included in your tour. Visit Moon Tours for more details.


Cultural Immersion

Experience the rich culture of Santo Antão by taking a cooking, dance, or language class from a local resident. Or, you can visit a farmer in the mountains or shadow a local fisherman.


The Moon Team will help to create a personalized, authentic, immersive experience for you to have an unforgettable time on the island.




Music is an integral part of the Cabo Verdean culture. There is a wide range of music that is available here.


The Moon Team can help to recommend local places in different cities for live music. Or you can relax to chill vibes by the private Moon Pool.



Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde is an archipelago, made up of ten islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of continental Africa. The population is approximately 500,000 people across all islands, with about 50,000 on the island of Santo Antão. The official language is Portuguese, though the people speak Kriolu, which is a Cabo Verdean creole language form of Portuguese.


Though Moon is located on the island of Santo Antão, the closest international airport is on the island of São Vicente (Airport code: VXE), called San Pedro or Cesária Évora International Airport near the city of Mindelo. There are no immunizations or shots required to travel to Cabo Verde. It is also possible to purchase a travel visa, also called The Airport Security Fee (TSA), at the airport or online here at least five days before your trip.


There are daily ferry rides, in the morning and afternoon, from São Vicente to Santo Antão. Tickets can be easily purchased at the ferry location in advance or on the same day of your travel. If you plan to visit other islands during your trip, it is recommended that you book your tickets in advance via the domestic airline, Cabo Verde Airlines.


The currency of Cabo Verde is the Escudo (CVE), and it is tied closely to the Euro. Details on exchange rates can be found here. It is possible to exchange Euros at local banks or use ATMs to withdraw Escudos (additional fees may apply).


Cabo Verde is a safe country, though it is wise to stay alert in the larger cities (Praia, Mindelo) for petty theft. Santo Antão is known as the safest, most beautiful, and eco-friendly island.


The Moon Team is happy to help you organize your trip to Paúl and provide recommendations for other travel destinations. Visit Moon Tours for more details.

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The Moon Team looks forward to welcoming you in 2024!